Bittersweet Goodbye

Today was my last day as part of the Creative Team at Signed Sealed Delivered, a local scrapbook store owned by Canvas Corp. (The same company that owns 7Gypsies and Tattered Angels).

It has been a wonderful and amazing adventure being asked to participate as a guest designer on the Canvas Corp. blog and get creative assignments that were shown at 3 CHA shows for Tattered Angels and 7Gypsies.  Being inundated with supplies and tools, that I wouldn’t have otherwise considered using, was so exciting in the beginning.  Given supplies from other companies to use for manufacturer blog hops brought more new product lines to try.  It was crazy fun, I knew it was an honor and I never once took it for granted.

Canvas Corp./Authentique Blog Hop Projects


Canvas Corp./Imaginese Blog Hop Banner


But, when something stops being fun or takes too much away or drains you creatively, you know it’s time to stop.  Time to step away from what people need you to make and step back into to what you want to.  When your heart isn’t in the projects, it shows.   Not having the time to create just for me…..I felt lost, something was missing.  I turned in my notice a couple of weeks ago and have not regretted it one bit.  I still have a full time job in corporate real estate, a husband and 2 teens to take care of and two pets that are the kings of this castle that need to be loved on.  I also have my free time that I can enjoy; making whatever I want to make, using whatever supplies I want to use and taking as long as I need to complete it.

The sweet part is….I built up a ton of store credit and with half off pricing I brought home some older and newer 7Gypsies Stamps and replenished my favorite colors of Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist.  I loaded up on Canvas Corp. kraft cardstock and Tattered Angels Mistable Papers.  Topped it off by getting two 7Gypsies envelope journals and a receipt holder tray and a few other things.


 Zeroed out my account, shared some hugs and love then said goodbye.  I will miss seeing the ladies I worked with and the customers, definitely.



  1. I’ve made choices like this too and I felt for you – what a bittersweet decision to make! It must have been a great boost being part of a creative team, but I absolutely agree – time to create from your heart, time for the family and of course the pets must always take precedence over any time demands from the world, no matter how exciting and ego-bolstering Congrats on your decision and more power to you and your own creative self!

    1. I am so excited to get back in touch with my true creative self. Thank you so much for stopping by. peace, xoxo.

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