Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Page 22 – Beginnings

Routines….we all have them.  I start off working in my journal the same exact way every time,  Turn on ShoutCast (New Age Music – Calm Radio), light a bamboo scented candle and gather the same supplies:

Mixed Media Paper, Gesso, Matte Medium, Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, water for cleaning brushes, wax paper behind my paper to keep the mess to a minimum, my old brushes for gesso and medium, and a washcloth to wipe brushes off.

I always start off the the same, but the endings are always different.  That’s the amazing and magical thing about telling your stories with art journaling.


Updated Photo of my Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Geez, it’s filling up fast:


Thank you for stopping by.  Love and Light to you.



  1. I have admired the continuity in your work – now I see how you achieve it [duh!] The journal looks so beautiful, interesting and intriguing, I just want to take it and sit down with it and have a good look through……

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