Trying something different….

I am too embarrassed and frustrated to admit how many journal pages I started over the last few weeks, only to tear them to shreds and throw them away.  So, I have set aside art journaling for awhile and made a list of other things I’d like to try:

  1. Make that dream catcher I have been meaning to make.
  2. Boho bunting for my art space.
  3. Gratitude Banner

It works….stepping away from a place where you have expectations of yourself into something, where you recognize you are a learner, you are allowed to make mistakes.

I just need to fully embrace the fact that I am a learner in journaling too.  I never compare my work with other people’s creations.  I spend too much time comparing things I make to things I made.

But for now, I enjoyed stepping outside my element and making a dream catcher.  It was fun, wrapping the cord with the fabric was therapeutic.   Just sat in bed, listening to music, drinking my coffee, vaping and making this beauty that will protect me while I sleep….

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Have a creative and amazing weekend.  peace, xoxo




  1. I’ve been missing you from my blogging world – and I was so happy to see something from you in my email, I came here first [exactly 6am on a quiet Sunday morning in downtown NZ :-)]

    Two things: I love Boho too – clothes, decor, colourful life!! Yay!! I am always super critical of my own creations – having made ’em you can see every single flaw, wiggly bit, wrong colour choice, placement, and general inadequate artistic-ness! I post ’em any way – it warms my heart when a comment is made and someone points out something they like, because they looked at it with kinder eyes, filled with no expectations of me!

    Blogging is teaching me to celebrate my mess – to still the critical inner voice and to just enjoy the process and celebrate the end result – no matter how ‘not up to the standard of my favourite artists’ it may be.

    I love your creations – and this dream catcher is such a cool and different idea – I love the blingy bits most 🙂 Sweet dreams to you dear friend, please come back to us with more lovely creations and snippets of your life soon. xoxo

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