$5.00 Journalmobile

Unless I have some music on, it is really really quiet in my closet studio.  That is a great thing most of the time.  Other times, it’s lonely.

I found a solution to bust me out of solitary confinement:  $5.00 vintage typewriter stand I scored at a yard sale this morning.  It’s going to be great…rolling my journal-mobile out, working in my journal while watching tv and spending time with the family in the living room.  Love that it holds my crate of supplies on the bottom, the top can expand for a little more work space and it has wheels!  🙂  Also, when I am not using it, it fits underneath the table in my closet studio, it doesn’t take up any of my standing room.


After I took my dad home, following a morning of “junking” and donuts with coffee, I had every intention of coming home and getting a bit creative.  I had put all of today’s findings away when thunderstorms made their way into our area and it suddenly felt like the perfect time to nap.  Cysco agreed….

Sweet dreams, friends. xoxo




    1. It’s going to be great to get out of the closet every once in a while and join the rest of humanity. LOL! xoxo

    1. It’s perfect…It will be so much better when my husband adds brackets for me to hold a second crate in it. xoxo

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