CAJJ 36 & 37: 26

Oh yeah, my Dr. went there.  Not only did he go there, he gave me a number.  Then I, in turn, gave myself a few good reasons why I needed to make it happen will make it happen.




  1. Am I the first to say “Of course you can!” ?? Of course you can do it! You deserve it and all those reasons you listed [not least outrunning the zombies] are valid and real and true. I wish you health and lightness and belief in your own powerful self. 🙂

    PS: I recently lost a pile of weight and fixed all my health issues – not by dieting, but by changing my lifestyle [most importantly what went into my mouth] If I can do it, anybody can 🙂

    Go Casey!!

    1. My friend, thank you so much for your encouragement. Since today is the season premiere of Walking Dead, I had to make a zombie reference, LOL! 🙂

      Congratulations of your healthy living and weight loss, beautiful you,

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