New Handmade Journal: Little Bit

I really wanted to  change things up a little bit.  The CAJJ is the perfect size for me, but I also wanted something on a smaller scale.  I stumbled upon Avital Gertner’s tutorial on how to make a journal from a soap bar box.  Fortunately, I figured out how to modify the instructions to use a slightly bigger box that held Mentadent toothpaste refills.

This is going to be the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  Meet my new journal…….Little Bit.  Little Bit’s pages are approximately 3.25 inches wide x 4.25 high with the binding measuring in at 3.75 inches.  She just got made last night so I’m not yet done filling her with all of the pages and pockets she will be embracing within her covers.




    1. Ah, my dear friend and soul sister….it would be nice if everyone believed that me making this journal was all bliss and beauty with the grace of a ballet dancer……but nah, it was messy and frustrating as heck. This was only the 2nd time I ventured into bookbinding so here’s hoping it will be easier next time. In all honesty though, it was worth it and it was a great creative and fun learning experience

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