Junquemail Contessa: 2014 Art Journals

Contessa Art and Junque Journal (CAJJ): Halfway filled 100 page handmade art journal.

Little Bit Handmade Art Journal:  I’ll carry her with me everywhere in my On-The-Go-Journal-Kit – She’s filled with pockets, tri-fold pages, blank pages, lined pages just waiting to be filled.

Altered Rolodex Card Journaling – Great for trying out new techniques and for those days that I only have a small amount of time to be creative.  Journal is made using a Vintage Hi-Speed Rotary Cookbook with Recipe Cards in Yellow (c.1950s).  Love that I can alter the included recipe cards and add other cards and paper just by cutting the bottoms to fit the holder.

Junquemail Contessa 2014 Art Journals




    1. Let me see yours if you do! Love having supplies on hand constantly, but I do admit getting inspired in the weirdest and most inconvenient places to journal.

    1. It’s getting just a bit too fat, I’m afraid. I’m just a little over 50 pages and it has 100. Hmmmm….not sure I’ll be able to use every page. 🙂 Thank you so much, I’m excited about the different size journals, changes things up a bit.

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