Fabric Sample Books: DECONSTRUCTED


$20.00 worth of fabric sample books and one day spent:

  • Tearing off the cardboard casings.
  • Removing staples….dozens and dozens of staples.
  • Trimming glue off of the fabric.
  • Removing paper labels from the fabric.
  • Sorting and bagging the samples I didn’t want to keep.
  • A HUGE mess….
  • Small scratches and cuts to my hands and achy fingers from tearing and pulling and cutting.

Return on investment:

  • Hundreds of fabric pieces, all different colors and textures and patterns to use in Artist Trading Cards, Art Journaling, Fabric Beads and Sewing.

Absolutely worth it!

Fabric Sample Books (Deconstructed) - Junquemail Contessa

Fabric Sample Books (Deconstructed) – Junquemail Contessa



  1. That is one goood investment!!! So much fabric that could be used for million great things! Well,maybe not a million, but at least fifty.☺ You could make journals, bags, beads, cushions, and 46 other thing! Lol!

    1. I have come up with 8…so only 42 more to go! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, Sonja. xoxo

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