Hey there, friend. It’s been awhile. (Vintage Fabric Giveaway)

Took a few steps back and now I’m moving forward again…isn’t that what they call the Cha-Cha??

No boring details….just thankful that I’m here, where I am and in one piece….because man…I shattered.  Grateful to those who put the pieces back in all the right places.  Confused why those I thought would be there, weren’t.  Surprised that strangers could see me drowning when those closest to me couldn’t.  I couldn’t even see I needed to be rescued.  Faced a few fears, cried a few tears, ate a whole lot of cookie dough ice cream and stayed in pajamas for a few weeks.

My pity party is over…I have uninvited myself.

To get back on track and hunt down my wandering muse, one of the first things I have decided to do…since I haven’t touched an art supply since my last post, was bring my art space out of the closet and next to a window.  A big window…in our bedroom.  My husband (the cutest boy in the whole entire universe) actually suggested it.  And it makes a huge and wonderful difference.

I’ve been researching (aka Pinning) some techniques to bring more fabric into my creations and decided to finally organize my fabrics.  Since I work on a small scale, samples and swatches are the fastest and least expensive method to accumulate an awesome working stash.

I threw everything in my fabric boxes and bags on to my bedroom floor and sorted/grouped the biggest collections today:

Vintage Menswear Suit and Shirt Swatches

Vintage Menswear Fabric Swatches - Junquemail Contessa

Vintage Menswear Fabric Swatches – Junquemail Contessa

Vintage French Wool Samples:

Vintage French Wool Samples - Junquemail Contessa

Vintage French Wool Samples – Junquemail Contessa

Silk Kimono Scraps:

Silk Kimono Scraps - Junquemail Contessa

Silk Kimono Scraps – Junquemail Contessa

There were tons of smaller bits and pieces of menswear suiting, French wool and kimono silk that I set aside in one pile.  I love the idea of having these on hand for fabric beads and mixed media creations like this bracelet made by Baggaraggs on Etsy:

There were too many to fit into a 2.5 gallon Ziploc bag (my self imposed limit)….so, I put together 4 bundles to share (about 75 pieces in each).  If you would like the chance to win one, just comment on what you would use them for (ATC’s?  Art Journal?  Just to look at?) and I’ll draw 4 names on August 24th.  (International friends are welcome to join in.)

Please consider the fact that these bundles have samples over 50 years old and I only know that they have been in plastic bags in my closet for about a year, some less than that.  I have no idea what environments they were in before.  My house is dog friendly but non-smoking.  Some samples are extremely odd shaped (they way I got them) and may have slight staining or sticker glue on them.

Vintage Fabric Packet Giveaway - Junquemail Contessa

Vintage Fabric Packet Giveaway – Junquemail Contessa

Just my way of saying thanks for sticking with me. Let the creating begin…again.  Peace, friends. xoxo


  1. Hey there! For what it is worth, I am happy you are in a good place now! Refreshment is key! Anyway, if i were to win one of the bundles, I would use it with some of my vintage feedsacks, neck ties, polyester and jewelry pieces that I have waiting to be put together!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Initially I would put them in a glass bowl that I would keep close by to admire and anticipate what little gem of inspiration would strike me. Eventually they would probably end up in a fiber or mixed media wall hanging as a part of a story being told.

  3. I am glad you have found a good place with the help of others and It is good to have an art space by a window. These swatches look absolutely lovely. I would use them with a class I do with seniors. We have a small fabric collage project, a mixed media ATC class and an artful gift making workshop on the books for Fall and these would be perfect. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your materials.

  4. Although they look awesome, I’m not interested in the swatches so please don’t include me in that drawing. Just glad to hear from you again and glad you got out of the dark both from trying to create in the closet and whatever broke you for that bit of time. hope the window brings the same result it brought for me. i had all of my creative space facing walls and when i moved to in front of the window it made me want to stay there longer and come back to work on things more often.

  5. I am glad you are doing better. Many times the people close to us miss the changes because change is often slow. Those who see you less often notice the change because it is a bigger difference from how you were the last time they saw you. For example my husband has been losing weight and the close family did not really notice, but when we went to visit granny(who we see once every week or 2 now) she commented on how much weight he had lost. Then everyone else noticed. Which is why it is good to be around other people.

  6. Aw, glad you’re back! I love vintage fabric, too. I would have every intention of using them for wonderful projects, but I’d probably just fondle and ogle them if I won.

  7. I just found you! Wish I had been here earlier to help give you a boost. I had a long term meltdown about a year ago. We had moved to an unfinished foreclosure gut and reno project so my entire studio was in boxes in a dingy basement. Took me awhile to come out of my funk and put it back together. You’ll get there… fabric junquies are made of tough stuff.
    I would use the packet of goodies as part of my inspiration board and also as part of the fabric maps I piece together out of recycled goods.

  8. Welcome back! I’m teaching my daughter to quilt and random patchwork would be perfect for her first project. Random sizes she would have to square up and learn how to pick the right thread and needle for different materials (I could use some work on that too!). That’s where this fabric would go in my house!

  9. Welcome back! I am glad you are feeling brighter and I hope that resuming your creative endeavours will restore you further. I have never worked much with fabric but I am always admiring swatches of fabrics and would be tempted to keep them as a work of art in and of themselves. At some stage, when I am more confident with mixed media, I would like to incorporate fabric. As it is, the only creating with fabric I have ever accomplished is making hand-sewn sock animals and sock monsters for my kids. Therefore, if I were to win your prize draw (which is very thoughtful and generous of you) I would use the fabric to construct a beast, maybe for myself this time.

  10. Glad you’re feeling better!
    if I was lucky enough to win I’d make pincushions, needlebooks. pouches and a whole host of other things!!

  11. Keep fighting the good fight! I am rooting for you! I would use the fabric to decorate my new apartment in small but meaningful ways. Pieces would probably end up in my art journal as well.

  12. I am SO glad you are back!!! I miss you and your creativity! Please do NOT include me in the samples give-away; I would never use them. Sorry I didn’t realize what had happened, I just knew I missed you.

  13. We have just created a piece of wall art with all our old frames from the 90s painted and hung in gallery style. Some of the frames are odd shapes to hang photos into so I think I would create a piece of patchwork art to fill the as yet empty frame!

  14. Playing with my fabric stash always makes me feel better when I’m out of sorts. So glad you are back 🙂 Vintage fabric needs a vintage project, maybe a 1940s inspired bed spread.

  15. Wow!! I would love to be one of the winners of this giveaway since for one, I am a big fan of anything vintage and also of DIYs, so hopefully I could think of a dozen cute and fancy things to do with them. I could also put them up on my very own wall of weird, which is where I put all of my creative and inspirational work so I could see them everyday and forget how down I’ve become too in the past weeks. Anyway, I just discovered your blog and just like what I have written before, I was so inspired to see your work for the first time and that won’t change no matter what. However, I guess, because of the your beautiful work, I didn’t even notice that you were going through a difficult time, not until this post came out. I just hope that you feel so much better now and that, like what they all said, we may see more of your wonderful work! 🙂

  16. So glad you’re doing better. I would use the beautiful scraps to help make small wall hangings that can be from sunsets to animals, to abstract. I make them for nursing homes and hospitals for kids to help brighten their day seeing something hanging on their wall, that was made for them. Thanks for the chance Take care. God Bless you.

  17. I hope there will be no more tears in your life, except the ones you cry laughing like mad. 🙂 And what a lovely collection of fabrics you have to make art and forget about bad things! Of course, I had to go on vacation while you had this awesome giveaway. 😦 🙂

  18. Happy to see you are doing better. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream cures many ills. It is rather sad and amazing who notices when something is terribly wrong, and who doesn’t. (I almost never notice I’m in trouble, it has to smack me in the face, shatter me and throw me to the wind, even at 50) Maybe I’ll learn someday. I have just found your blog through pinterest and am scrolling back through your posts. I LOVE the 2 pages you show recently, Artistist 1st problem, and the one about going outside the lines. YOu are inspiring my muse, last seen wandering somewhere in Europe, where my heart wants to be.

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