Art Supplies

Vintage Vials for Altered Art

SCORE: $5 for this box of over 100 vintage pigment powder vials at an indoor community tag sale.  So excited to use them in matchboxes and on other altered art projects.

I’m trying to get adjusted to a new job and some other changes I’ve made,  Can’t wait to get back to art journaling and creating.  I’ve missed it terribly.  My outlook couldn’t be brighter than what it is and I think genuine and real joy is up ahead and right around the corner.

Vintage Vials for Altered Art: Junquemail Contessa

Vintage Vials for Altered Art: Junquemail Contessa


500 Faces

500 faces cut from Le Petit Larousse Illustré dictionary pages to be used for ATC’s and other mixed media and collage art.

500 Faces: Collage Elements - Junquemail Contessa

500 Faces: Collage Elements – Junquemail Contessa

500 Faces in Altoids Tin: Junquemail Contessa

500 Faces in Altoids Tin: Junquemail Contessa

Taken from this French dictionary I found in a used book store’s discard bin. There are tons of amazing images left to use.

500 Faces: French Dictionary - Junquemail Contessa

500 Faces: French Dictionary – Junquemail Contessa

My mini art studio.

Pretty sure this little set up will work great.  Love the sunshine right next to the table and the only supplies I have (except for 2 tubs of fabric/textile art supplies under my bed) are all contained within this small space.  It has to work, seriously, because this is the third time I have tried to get an art space right in this house.

I went through 10 years of supplies and ended up getting rid of over 3/4 of my stash.  Nothing left in the bedroom or hallway closet.  2 friends and 1 sister raiding the stash and 3 trips to Goodwill got it all out of the house.  I still have plenty left for my many interests: Art Journaling, Artist Trading Cards, Mail Art, Encaustics, Textile Art, Needlework, Book Binding and Bead Making.

It was an easy task to accomplish as I have a tendency to use the same stuff over and over again and had a fairly good idea how much space I would have left after keeping all of the essentials.  It was also easy because I finally got to the point I was so tired of digging to find stuff I needed.  Sitting down on my bedroom floor going through tons of boxes, containers, bags and drawers was exactly what I needed right now as it kept my mind occupied.  I haven’t felt like myself in a long time.  I can’t tell you how many times I started a page or project and just froze.  So many things in my life seem off kilter.  I decided that maybe it’s time to seek some professional help and try to get myself all figured out (if that’s possible).

But back to my little mini studio in the sunshine…..

Here it is:

Mini Art Studio - Junquemail Contessa

Mini Art Studio – Junquemail Contessa

I took all of my stamps out of their packaging, got rid of a ton I will never use and tossed the keepers into the little rolling table.  The stamps I kept were the ones that work great for backgrounds.

Studio Storage Stamps - Junquemail Contessa

Here’s a close up of what I decided to keep within easy reach on my working table:

Studio Storage Table - Junqemail Contessa

And here is how I keep some of my ephemera within sight.  I organized them mostly by manufacturer but some are organized by theme and size.

Studio Storage - Junquemail Contessa

If you want a peek into some of the supplies I knew I absolutely had to keep, here’s a link to my “Can’t Create Without” Pinterest Page.

Thanks for stopping by for the tour, hopefully this will be the last one for a long long long time. xoxo

Fabric Sample Books: DECONSTRUCTED


$20.00 worth of fabric sample books and one day spent:

  • Tearing off the cardboard casings.
  • Removing staples….dozens and dozens of staples.
  • Trimming glue off of the fabric.
  • Removing paper labels from the fabric.
  • Sorting and bagging the samples I didn’t want to keep.
  • A HUGE mess….
  • Small scratches and cuts to my hands and achy fingers from tearing and pulling and cutting.

Return on investment:

  • Hundreds of fabric pieces, all different colors and textures and patterns to use in Artist Trading Cards, Art Journaling, Fabric Beads and Sewing.

Absolutely worth it!

Fabric Sample Books (Deconstructed) - Junquemail Contessa

Fabric Sample Books (Deconstructed) – Junquemail Contessa

On-The-Go Art Journaling Kit

Art Journaling KitFrom Top to Bottom and Left to Right:

1. Ribbon, thread sampler, charms, beads, watch parts and needles

2.Paint, matte gel medium in an old hand sanitizer bottle, heavy body gesso in an old gel eyeliner container, Smootch spray (Vanilla), Tacky Glue Stick

3. Several types of plain and printed tissue paper, journaling spots, vintage dictionary images, die cuts and letter stickers.

4.Mixing sticks, mini brayer, scissors, mixing tins, paint brush

5. Letter and date stamps, pencil, eraser, sharpener, Pitt marker.

6. Washi tape, Scor-Tape, tape runner and refill.


Art Journaling Kit Contents

Art Journaling Kit Bag

$5.00 Journalmobile

Unless I have some music on, it is really really quiet in my closet studio.  That is a great thing most of the time.  Other times, it’s lonely.

I found a solution to bust me out of solitary confinement:  $5.00 vintage typewriter stand I scored at a yard sale this morning.  It’s going to be great…rolling my journal-mobile out, working in my journal while watching tv and spending time with the family in the living room.  Love that it holds my crate of supplies on the bottom, the top can expand for a little more work space and it has wheels!  🙂  Also, when I am not using it, it fits underneath the table in my closet studio, it doesn’t take up any of my standing room.


After I took my dad home, following a morning of “junking” and donuts with coffee, I had every intention of coming home and getting a bit creative.  I had put all of today’s findings away when thunderstorms made their way into our area and it suddenly felt like the perfect time to nap.  Cysco agreed….

Sweet dreams, friends. xoxo


Still catching some dreams……

My daughter, Shayne, made this beautiful dream catcher last night.  It was AMAZING, spending some alone time, some creative time with her.  Listening to her talk about school, about life, and the dreaded topic….boys.  YIKES!  I watched her rummage through my charms and ribbon….intent on making something so uniquely her.  I loved watching her wrap the twine and tie on the charms…and then that proud look when she said “Hey mama…I’m done, do you like it?”  I absolutely LOVE it.  She set it above her bed….sweet dreams to you, my girl.


This morning we woke up and started prepping some silk for dream catcher #3.  I’m not sure how good the silk will take to watered down distress ink refill.  I’m going to let it soak today, hang on the clothes line tonight and let the sun do it’s magic while I’m at work tomorrow.  Keeping fingers crossed that the silk takes the colors.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by, your visits are truly appreciated.  peace, xoxo.

Trying something different….

I am too embarrassed and frustrated to admit how many journal pages I started over the last few weeks, only to tear them to shreds and throw them away.  So, I have set aside art journaling for awhile and made a list of other things I’d like to try:

  1. Make that dream catcher I have been meaning to make.
  2. Boho bunting for my art space.
  3. Gratitude Banner

It works….stepping away from a place where you have expectations of yourself into something, where you recognize you are a learner, you are allowed to make mistakes.

I just need to fully embrace the fact that I am a learner in journaling too.  I never compare my work with other people’s creations.  I spend too much time comparing things I make to things I made.

But for now, I enjoyed stepping outside my element and making a dream catcher.  It was fun, wrapping the cord with the fabric was therapeutic.   Just sat in bed, listening to music, drinking my coffee, vaping and making this beauty that will protect me while I sleep….

Hey, thanks for stopping by.  Have a creative and amazing weekend.  peace, xoxo