Distress Ink

CAJJ Pages 32 and 33 – That Place

Just thinking of my brother…it’s almost a year that he’s been gone.  Silly boy…he always went off on crazy adventures, but this time he wandered a bit too far.

I miss you, Eric….leave a light on for me.

Quote: J.M. Barrie


Still catching some dreams……

My daughter, Shayne, made this beautiful dream catcher last night.  It was AMAZING, spending some alone time, some creative time with her.  Listening to her talk about school, about life, and the dreaded topic….boys.  YIKES!  I watched her rummage through my charms and ribbon….intent on making something so uniquely her.  I loved watching her wrap the twine and tie on the charms…and then that proud look when she said “Hey mama…I’m done, do you like it?”  I absolutely LOVE it.  She set it above her bed….sweet dreams to you, my girl.


This morning we woke up and started prepping some silk for dream catcher #3.  I’m not sure how good the silk will take to watered down distress ink refill.  I’m going to let it soak today, hang on the clothes line tonight and let the sun do it’s magic while I’m at work tomorrow.  Keeping fingers crossed that the silk takes the colors.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by, your visits are truly appreciated.  peace, xoxo.

Getting my spray mist on…….

Hand sanitizer bottles bought at a local dollar store ($0.50 each – much less expensive than the Ranger Mini Misters).

Washed the sanitizer out and used a dropper of distress ink refill and water to make spray inks.  The labels were shared by a lady named Marielle on the Facebook group Art Journaling for Women.  Love having 48 new spray mist colors to play with….sigh.