Tattered Angels

Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Pages 46 and 47: Pocketful of Sunshine

Pocket pages to hold photos and other things.

Materials Used: Crate Paper Patterned Paper, Dictionary Pages, Cocktail Napkin, Wax Paper Pocket, Seam Binding, Unity Stamp Company Background Stamp, Gesso, Jillibean Letter Stickers, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Washi Tape.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, peace friends…..xoxo.

CAJJ - Pocketful of Sunshine

CAJJ Pages 32 and 33 – That Place

Just thinking of my brother…it’s almost a year that he’s been gone.  Silly boy…he always went off on crazy adventures, but this time he wandered a bit too far.

I miss you, Eric….leave a light on for me.

Quote: J.M. Barrie


CAJJ Page 27 – Her Place In The Sun!

It has seemed like forever since the stars aligned right:  today I was inspired, my space (the 3rd one I have had in 2 months) was organized and the rest of the world was quiet and didn’t need me.

Contessa Art and Junque Journal Page 27: Her Place in the Sun – Lyrics by Tracy Chapman

Thank you so much for looking.  Peace to you all, xoxo.


Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Page 22 – Beginnings

Routines….we all have them.  I start off working in my journal the same exact way every time,  Turn on ShoutCast (New Age Music – Calm Radio), light a bamboo scented candle and gather the same supplies:

Mixed Media Paper, Gesso, Matte Medium, Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, water for cleaning brushes, wax paper behind my paper to keep the mess to a minimum, my old brushes for gesso and medium, and a washcloth to wipe brushes off.

I always start off the the same, but the endings are always different.  That’s the amazing and magical thing about telling your stories with art journaling.


Updated Photo of my Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Geez, it’s filling up fast:


Thank you for stopping by.  Love and Light to you.

Contessa Art and Junque Journal – Page 21: Sunshine

Love waking up to his sighs and those eyes, patiently waiting for me to wake up and cover his face with kisses.  He follows me when I go to start my coffee and once it’s done, we make our way outside…before the rest of the family wakes up.  It’s just him and I and whatever the weather is like.  We sat watching storms in the distance.  We sat feeling both the breeze of the spring and the chill of winter.  We have listened to the crickets and the birds.  It’s all peaceful and calm unless the fat orange cat makes an appearance.   At that point…ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!  The calm is replaced with barking and meowing and Cysco walking back with a defeated look on his face…the cat can climb the fence and unfortunately he can’t.

Good Morning